Why Does My Cat Breath Fast And Heavily?

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Our pets have a very responsiblebehavior while we teach them all sorts of things and make them understand our language of love. And cats, amongst all the pets,have natural,responsive behavior towards their masters.

They know when to react and how to shower their love. But many a time what happens is that your pet might fell sick and might behave in an unnatural way. Though, you are not at all aware that your cat has fallen sick or something is disturbing him.

Caution is Vital!

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Keep a check on the following factors of your cat:

  • Keep a record ofyour cat’s daily activities. Check if he does not feel tired or does not pant while doing any regular activity
  • Keep a check whether he isn’t losing his appetite
  • Crouching or standing with elbows while pulling it away from the body, along with neck and head stretched on the outer side
  • He shouldn’t belaborbreathing (may include  rapid breathing, shallow breathing,  and noisy breathing)
  • Check whether he is facing reluctance or lethargy to move around
  • Coughing in rare cases is also possible; keep a check of that too

Dyspnea (Respiratory Issues)

While these felines are known for their prompt behavioral attitude and their promptness towards learning and grasping things, it is very much unlikely to see them sit quietly or breathe heavily. A cat does not pant easily. It is very light on its toes thus does not feel the weight, unlikeother pets. A panting cat looks pretty similar to that of a panting dog.

The cat shall often stand up with its neck, andhead stretched out and its elbows bent far away from his chest. For such, this is known as dyspnea in cats. Thisis a respiratory problem that happens with most of the felines. When you see any symptoms of heaviness while breathing or loud breathing of your cat, consult to your veterinary.

Or, if you are already aware of such health issues happening with yourpet, take pills that are meantfor him. An immediate medication will ease and soothe down his problems.

It is also very unusual to see any cat’s fighting while you know that he is an over-friendlypet. But when your pet is fighting, you can also see such respiratory symptoms while he is involved in such activities. There are many reasons for your cat to breathe heavily; you have to watch out for it carefully.

Major Cause

You cat may cough or breathe heavily if there is any chest fluid present. Fluid accumulates in the spaces in between their chest and lungs that causes difficulty in breathing. They will take out loud noises like groaning, andthey will pant heavilywhile they breathe. This symptom is calledas hydrothorax. There is a ruptured thoracic duct which causes congestion in their heart thus causing trouble in breathing.

Among other problems, the lymph nodes and other organs collectexcess body fluid and its little amount of fat, which is absorbedfrom the intestines. Thoracic duct helps in returning the fluid to the main circulation connecting to the large veins situated close to the heart.

If the thoracic duct breaches, then this fluid spills inside the chest that can in turn cause difficulties in breathing. The duct can also rupture due to various causes, which are still unknown to the doctors.

The enlargedheart also often results in congestive heart failure because there areinadequate oxygen supply and inadequate heart’s pumping action, which also results in accumulation of fluid inside the lungs and/orchest.


Doctor's listen to the breath of cat

Take immediate actions like giving your proper petcare and medication that he might not get any difficulty in breathing. If you know a veterinary; consult him on a regular basisto fetch proper health statistics of your pet. You should make sure that our cat does not get involved in activities that give him too much of stress.

Avoid playing with your cat too much so that he does not get any difficulty while breathing. Also,make sure about his diet. Try not to feed your pet with much fatty food. When fat accumulates in his body, the pumping action of his heart slows down.

Also,the treatment should not only focus on treating the problem with medication. The causeshould be known so that it gets easier for you to draw the liquid out of your cat’s chest. Blood tests and other tests should be performed in the case when reasons for heavy breathing and panting are unknown.

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