How To Stop Cats From Fighting?

Red and black and white cats are fighting on the bed

I don’t have a pet at my home, but I grew up by seeing all the street pups and cats, though, I longed for one. In my childhood, one of my neighbors had threecats. How nice you feel when you come back from work, andyou get to see those little cute cats or dogs wagging their tail and running behind you, justto seek your attention and love; justto give their love to you.

Though these cute, little cats cannot speak, they can express, andthey do so, their anger, their love, andthe entire day’s chit-chat. Watching this in front of you gives you an amazingfeel that how can a pet, an animal express his talks and views for you and to you. These hungry souls (hungry for love and not food) can fight when you do not pay attention towards them or if you tend to ignore them. Similar is the love for their breed and fight over the trifleand silly things too. But these cat fights can sometimesbe a bit daring as well.

Your cats, if jealous ofsomething will not take any longer to fight amongst themselves – whether it is food or something else. So you know that a catfightis natural. Your cat shows when it’s angry or upset or probably cranky. Here are some ways that will show you that whether you should indulge in stopping the cat from fighting or not.

A cat’s behavior is completely different from any other pet. So you should be patient before you get aggressive. Though there are several solutions to stop your cat from fighting,you are not sure that what works the best for you.

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Why do cats tend to fight?

  1. Did you justintroduce another cat or a new pet in your house?

Your cat might be jealous of the new pet. It is simple as is. Just like humans, these pets tohave the nature of feeling jealous. Apart from this,a lot depends on their smell. They have a powerful smell and can identify a new cat, thus resulting in catfights. Your cat might get the feel of being left alone.

It is when it sees you loving a new pet and caring about it; yourcat might get aggressive. And, if you think that your cat cannot speak, then understand that it has its eyes on you.A simpleway to avoid making it aggressive is to try to speak to your cat and make it understand that the new pet is also just like it. Believe me; a pet will understand their master’s language of love.

Allow your pet cat to spend some quality time with your new pet. You engage yourself in playing with both of them together to avoid their fight.

  1. Have you moved or relocated your base to some new city?

Many times, it has been noticedthat your pet might not want to leave its old house. So it might get aggressive. Cats feel comfortable if they have stayed at one place for many years. This behavior is also natural. Not all cats adjust to change in place. It might take time to adjust. Cats are territorial by nature. Thismeans that they will not extend themselves more than your couch is.

  1. Hormones

If your cat territorialaggression and can be exhibited towards other cats too, you know this would be your male cat. Thismostly happens when a cat turns socially mature; that is, in between 2 – 4 years of age. However, this kind of aggression is normally witnessedin male cats that are contending for mates.

This territorial aggression can be exhibitedwhen your cat reaches a certain age of maturity. Products like Feliwaycan help reduce the aggression of your cat. Use this product in every room.

  1. Jealousy


As said earlier, cat too can feel jealous of your new pet. Set aside that extra one to one time for both your cats, so that they get reassured that none of them are stealing each others time.

If your cats still get aggressive, then it’s time for you to force your proximity upon them. But make sure that you do not put them in danger. Next step is to bring them together in one room, but make sure that you do not leave them all alone. It is quite possible that in your absence they might get too aggressive.

Through all of this, you’ll perhaps need to break up cat fights on a few occasions. Never jump in and try to stopthem fighting you. On the contrary, toss water on cats or squirt them with a squirt gun, and bathe your cats in water from a distance. Loud noises in the house can too make a difference.

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