How To Make Your Cat Take Pills?

Red kitten and orange pills closeup

Not to speak of cats, even human beings are averse to taking bitter pills. But, since humans realize the needs of taking them, can be made to take pills. But, what can you do for your cats?

You can neither make it understand nor can you pressurize it to take pills even if she has a signof diabetes. Fortunately, there are some ways and means; you can make your cat take pills. Here are few tips.

1. Hiding Pills in Food or Treat

If your cat does not have a medical condition requiring a specificdiet, you can introduce a variety of cat foods over time to make it easier to disguise pills in her food. Thistoo is not an easy task. Your cat may immediately show aversion to new food. You can introduce new food slowly and gradually.

To diversify your cat’s palate, place a small amount of food of the new cat-safe food in her bowl along with her usual food. Alternatively, you can serve the new food in a separate bowl, at the same time. By closely monitoring her intake, you can confirm which food and how much quantity suits best.

Take care to see that the new food does not upset her stomach. If you find her vomiting or diarrhea, stop feeding and consult your vet

2. Three-treat Trick

Most vets suggest this go-to method.  Under this method, you have to perform three treats sequentially; all the treats arelooking alike. The first treat is empty of medicines and the second one conceals the medicines. By administering the third treat, you encourage your cat for finishing the medicine treat so that she can be givenone more nibble.

Your cat cannot guess which one contains the pill.  You can change the number of treats if you find it necessary.

1. Change the form of the pill

Persian cat boring food on concrete floor

Follow the below methods:

  1. Cutting into Pieces: In case the pill is too large, your cat may be hesitant to swallow it. So, after consulting your vetcut the pill into small pieces by using a pill cutter. You can make as many pieces as required to make it suitable for swallowing by your cat.
  2. If the pills are smaller in size, you can grind it to powder, but only after consulting your vet. Be sure that the medicinal value of the pill is not compromised. You can conceal the crushed pill inside the canned cat food or a small piece of fish or meat. You have another option of diluting the pill with water or low-sodium chicken broth. Since your cat has a very strong smelling ability, your cat may avoid taking if she smells something undesirable. In any case, always consult your vet for the best option

2. Pill Pocket

This soft treat has a hole at its center. Keeping the pill inside the treat, give it to your cat, pretending as if you are giving a normal treat. Thiswill work well if your cat is a great treat eater and does not chew her treats. Alternatively, you can hide the pill inside any of her favorites, such as lunch meat, cheese or hamburger which your cat may eat without chewing.

3. Pilling by Hand

Woman gives cat a pill in mouth

Pills such as Baytril or metronidazole taste nasty which may not work for the treatmentmethod. In that case, try giving the pill by hand. Your cat may tolerate it better. Toallure her for eating, you can smear a little butter, cream or margarine over it. If your cat is not aggressive, you can give it by hand in four ways.

  • Firstly, place your thumb on one side of her upper jaw and you can hold the top of your cat’s head. Then tilt her head gently topoint toward the ceiling. In this way, her jaw will open slightly, andyou can gently put the pill inher mouth.
  • In the second method, scruff your cat firmly and tip her head back until her nose points toward the ceiling. In the third method, put your hand under her chin with your thumb over one cheek and fingers in the other. Then, push the pill gently into her mouth. The fourth method will work well if your cat likes to be heldon her back. Just cradle her on her back with her head and neck in upright position and open her mouth using your hand.

After choosing the method, open her mouth further by using your ring finger and little finger and place the pill deeper into her mouth and quickly close her mouth. Then, encourage her to swallow the pill by any one of the three methods:

  • Rubbing her throat gently
  • Blowing her nose
  • Using syringe dribble water into her mouth

If your cat is breathing fast, it signals the need for taking pills. You can adopt any of the above procedures to put a pill without pressurizing her to be stressed and become aggressive.

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