Do I Need To Bathe My Cat?

Bath or shower to a Persian breed cat

As a cat, your cat does notneed to bathe. But, as a concerned cat owner, you need to bathe your cat, if you feel the need after reading this article. Biologically, cats are so structuredthat no dust or dirt can create the need to bathe.

You must have observed that some cat become too violent and aggressive if subjected to the bath. So, before you take a decision, be sure, whether your cat is hostile or accommodative to the bathing process.

You should also consider few other variable factors. General grooming is essential for maintaining a good coat and a healthy sin for your cat. Additional grooming may include ear cleaning, nail cleaning, coat brushing and de-matting if required for your cat’s hair type.

If you can manage yourself, it’s fine. If you find it unmanageable, consult your vet who can suggest you a local pet groomer.

Reason for Cat’s Aversion toWater

You must have observed other members of the cat family such as jaguars and tigers enjoy bathing in free water. The reason is that their natural habitation is in a warm environment and to keep them calm, they find bathing, the best option.

On the contrary, domestic cats have coats which absorb moisture rather than deflecting it. It is hard for cats to dry outpostgetting dried.

Bathing V/s. Washing with Water

Cat and water

Cat and water

These two features are not synonymous. When you think of bathing, you may be visualizing like putting jugs and jugs of water, rubbing with soap or shampoo and finally drying off the water. And most importantly, it must have a regular periodicity like daily, weekly or fortnightly, but not beyond that.

If that is what you perceive of your cat’s bath, then that kind of bath may never be required for your cat. However, under the following circumstances, your cat may need washingwith water

  • If she is soiledin the litter box
  • If she is freshly introducedto your home, directly from an animal shelter
  • If she is affected with flea, or other skin parasites or fungicidal medications

The Virtual Cat Bathing

Considering that your cat does not need an actual bath, you can yet consider bathing her, considering the following benefits:

  1. For a Cleaner and Shiner Friend

As a natural act, your cat cleans or washes by licking. But is that enough to make her a cleaner and brighter one in the human standard? As a matter of fact, by licking, your cat gets rid of parasites, dead hair, andfood leftovers.

Think of a situation when your furry friend is sleeping on a whitepillow. Even an iota of dirt on her body will contaminate your pillow. Your best option is to give her a virtual bath, occasionally.

  1. Reduce Shedding

Your cat is close to you, not only emotionally or sentimentally, but also physically. When you are eating, your cat is near you, when you are lying on your bed, she may be sitting calmly on your chest or even near your chin; when you are on your couch, she may be demanding a patting on her body.

There is every possibility; some dead hair may contaminate you or your kids. If you shower your cat, the dead hair will be rinsedaway from her body. Initially, you may find your cat, shedding more due to stress and instinctive aversion.  But, this will be over, once she gets acclimatized.

  1. Shining and Healthier Coat

If you apply a good amount of shampoo or coat conditioner on your cat, you will find her coat glittering as you always desirefor. Glittering cats will be a proud possession for you. Moreover, washing after regular brushing will make you’reto get rid of the irritating and annoying dandruff, so that she can enjoy playing with you.

  1. Other Factors (Drawbacks)

Your cat may develop allergies tosome ingredients in the flea-control shampoo. Your best option will be to consult your vet before selecting a particular product for your cat-cleaning.

Periodicity of Cleaning

In general, one or two washing a year may be fine. But, if you have long-haired cats, they may require more frequent bathing and brushing. And if yours is a show-quality pure-bred coat, without any saying or consideration, you must get your cat bathed before every show. Indoor cats need less washing schedules compared the out-door counterparts.

Chief Considerations

Whether you need to bathe your cat or not depends onher overall physical and psychological personality. If she is aggressive and violent, use your constraints. Consider the priorities too; if you can manage without bathing. Another consideration is any foul or unpleasant smell. If you find your cat becoming aggressive or violent, try administering pills for your cat

Supplies needed

Female hands washing small cat with soap

Use appropriate feline-friendly supplies like gloves, shampoo, towels and cotton balls to make the bath more enjoyable and less annoying.

If you find your cat breathing heavily, avoid bathing because it may be Dyspnea caused due to the stress of bathing or Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP, a viral disease.) Have a new experience of cat-bathing and make your curly companion, cute, cozy, coy and comfortable.

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