8 Major Signs Of Diabetes In Cats!

veterinary giving the vaccine to the little cat

Cats make good house pets as they can thrive in a family well and play with children. The catsnever getthe deserved credit like dogs, but they are the most lovable creatures, which will give you loyalty and boundless love in return for a little care. If you have a feline member as a pet, then you need to take care of their health to enjoy the companionship for a long time.

Diabetes is one of the common problems associated with house cats. Overweight male cats have increased chances of getting diabetes that can cause fatal harm to your furry pet. Diabetes is known as a silent killer as you may only notice the symptoms after your beloved pet’s health deteriorates.

So, as a compassionate owner, you need to watch for the following signs to detect diabetes and provide suitable pills for your cats to ensure their well-being.

1. Always Thirsty

If your cat feels thirsty all the time, then you need to monitor your cat carefully to determinethe issue correctly. It becomes impossible to know the individual health of a cat if you have more feline members in your house. But, you can watch out carefully to check the symptoms that need immediate attention from the vet.

Polydipsia is the scientific name of the condition that affects cats and dogs regularly, but you need to watch out for it to avoid serious complications.

2. Frequency of Urination

A cat that drinks more water will urinate more, so you need to check the individual cat closely to find its number of trips to the litter box. The condition is knownas polyuria, which is brought on by severalfactors, so monitor your cats to provide medical attention at the right time to keep them hale and healthy.

3. Weight Loss

One of the important symptoms of diabetesin cats is the weight loss. If you feel that your cat is losing weightin spite ofyour consistent feeding, then you need to consultyour vet immediately. Though the weight loss can cause due to the presence of worms, you need to get a medicalconsultation as fast as possible.

In some cases, your cat may loseweight as a result of decreased appetite. Therefore, take a note of your pet’s eating pattern to find the causeof out of normal behavior.

4. Breathing Problems


Dyspnea or breathing issues in a cataredue to the respiratory distress that makes their breathingheavy. You will find your cat crouched on his/her elbows with head and neck stretched out. But, it is also a common symptom with feline suffering from diabetes.

Catswith diabetes can have breathing issues as you can smell fruity breath or nail polish odor on your pets. In caseyou notice unusual signs like heavy breathing, you need to take your cat to its vet immediately.

5. BehaviorChanges or Mood Swings

Though your pets can have mood changes like humans, it can show an unusualcrankiness level of grumpiness while ill. Pain or discomfort in the body is the common cause of mood swings in cats.

So, if you notice your cat behaving strangely like resisting human touch, excessive sleeping, etc. then it is advisable to get them checked by trained professionals to determine the underlying cause and get treatment immediately.

6. Vomiting or Diarrhea

Excess vomiting or Diarrhea is never a good sign for the pet animals as it indicates some health issues in them. So, you need to consult the vet to give suitable pills for your cats to eliminate the issue as soon as possible.

7. Lethargy

It is the hardest symptom that you will notice in your cat as a healthy adult cat can sleep for more than twenty hours a day. You need to watch your pet closely to determine if it has the problem of lethargy.

If your pet is no longer active, doesn’t get up for dinner, or is no longer interested in playing, then it indicates an issue with the cat that needs immediate addressing.

8. Limping

Though with increasing age, your cat may suffer from arthritis resulting in weakening of limbs, you need to check for signs of limping. If your cat is not old enough, then look for the weakness in the hind legs while walking or jumping. You need to consult your vet immediately in case of weakness in the hind legs.

Your furry friends are prone to a handful of specific illnesses that show distinctive symptoms. So, you need to monitor them closely to know what ails them. It will aid in providing the right medical assistance and treatment to keep them healthy and happy.

veterinary giving the vaccine to the cat

You need to check for unusual signs like heavy breathing, inflammation, viruses or worms, diabetes, etc. that can plague your cats with discomfort. Therefore, seek immediate medical attention to eliminate the issues and enjoy your time with your loyal companions for a long time.

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